Pure Royal Fine Fragrances

Pure Royal (Our Parent Company) has been crafting fine fragrances for over 250 years. Today, we continue to build on this rich heritage, working hand-in-hand with our diverse customers to translate their vision into iconic scents that consumers love.


Making life smell beautiful is our passion

We combine imaginative proficiency with cutting-edge technology to produce fragrances that embody our clients' concepts and ignite joy. We fearlessly venture into uncharted territory and strive to motivate our customers with innovative and contemporary approaches that reflect and expand on current trends.

Science meets art

Combining technical proficiency and inventiveness with a diverse range of ingredients, our teams can create a new signature fragrance that complements our clients' existing collection or a revolutionary scent that elevates their brand to new heights. Our laboratories, located in Paris, the world's perfume capital and the center of the fragrance industry, serve as a dynamic hub of originality and ingenuity.

In-depth consumer insights

Incorporating consumer research from every corner of the world is an integral part of our creative process. This allows our perfumers to comprehend people's preferences and to instill a sense of gratification with each fragrance they produce.

We continuously monitor emerging trends and uncharted territories, persistently innovating and frequently drawing inspiration from our various artistic and cultural affiliations. Guided by this pioneering approach, our fragrances elicit emotions, evoke cherished memories, and unite individuals globally.

Our adept fine fragrance perfumers possess the proficiency to transform customer briefs into upscale fragrances that embody brand identities and strike an emotional resonance with consumers.

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