6 Best Long Lasting Perfume For Men

Imagine a world where your morning starts with two or three spritzes of your favorite perfume.Then, long into your day, you catch a breeze and the delight of your fragrance graces your nose. Oh, how pleasant it is to know the money you spend and the product you buy isn’t going to waste! And honestly, this is something that we at Pure Royal Perfumes live for.

Not all perfumes are made to last all day. It actually comes down to the type of perfume and, more importantly, the kind of notes you find in the perfume. So, we have done some research to find the best long-lasting perfumes for men. But, first, let´s learn a bit of the science behind what makes perfumes last longer. 

Here´s a list of our 10 favorite long-lasting perfume blends for men. Constantly building our collection for men, you will notice that the first five iconic designer blends on our list have inspired some of the best Pure Royal perfumes. Why? Because it is our mission to bring you the best quality, long-lasting perfumes made with the same quality juices as the brand name scents you love but at unbeatable prices!

1/6 Creed’s Aventus($335)

Making an appearance on almost every list of perfumes for men that last all day, Creed Aventus is a strong powerhouse of a fragrance. It “combines a bevy of inspiring notes, forming a perfume that is suitable for any occasion. Its low water content and reduced quantity of alcohol gives it a much longer-lasting fragrance, allowing it to remain throughout the entire day. Among its most notable scents are bergamot, apple, black currant, musk, oakmoss, and dry birch, ” said one reviewer. With deeper musky base notes, you will notice the earth of this perfume even hours after applying it.

At Pure Royal Perfumes, we love the richness of Aventus. And our collection would not be complete without a perfume inspired by this Iconic scent. Introducing our 472 for Him Inspired by Creed's Aventus($35) for $35.

2/6 Versace’s Eros Men($70)

An invigorating blend that is designed to ignite the fire within its wearer, “Eros Men is a fragrance that’s sensually addictive. Notes of mint leaves, Italian lemon zest, and green apple are what’s in store for you! You will also find trails of tonka beans, amber, geranium flower, and vanilla. While light hints of vetiver and oakmoss finish off this wonderful perfume! Oriental and intriguing, Eros Men provides not just a scent of masculinity, but as well as a subtle drop of passion and sexiness!” The warmth of tonka beans and amber come alive once your skin has time to warm the perfume and the cool of the mint has disappeared — we are sure you will notice the subtlety of this scent for the entire day.
Originally a scent that took us with the top notes, the deeper levels of Eros have grown on Pure Royal Perfumes and inspired us to create our 480 for Him Inspired by Versace's Eros($32).

3/6 Armani’s Acqua Di Gio($72)
Now, this is a classic. “Fragrant, captivating, and elegant, this perfume is among Giorgio Armani’s most popular creations. It has a scent that’s crisp, lively, aquatic, and woody. Its notes clearly give us that burst of freshness from the Mediterranean Sea! Notes of fresh Calabrian bergamot, neroli, and citrusy green tangerine are among the standout trails from this fragrance. And as time passes, these scents softly fade into a light mix of jasmine, rock rose, rosemary, persimmon, and Indonesian patchouli!” Complex and captivating, Acqua Di Gio is a scent to outlast time and time again. Put it on before the gym and see how the scent sticks around even when you sweat.

Inspired by this iconic scent we have made our 134 for Him Inspired by Giorgio Armani's Acqua Di Gio($32) – with similar fresh fruity and marine notes combined with a zesty touch and sophisticated wood and moss accords.

4/6 Dior’s Sauvage($77)
Boasting a name meaning “savage” in french, this perfume is exactly that Ñanything but tame or calm.ild and ferocious, this scent lasts and lasts. “Dior Sauvage has been designed to offer fresh top notes of bergamot as the dominant force; but as this distinctive scent begins to dry down on the skin, Dior promise a subtle masculine, woody note left in its wake. Like its poster boy Johnny Depp, Sauvage is an intriguing mix of rugged manliness (vetiver, pepper, patchouli) and borderline feminine refinement (lavender, geranium) that’s hard to pin down, but there’s no end of wearers complimenting its wondrous fusion of scents.” We tend to smell the patchouli and lavender hints the longest, but this fusion scent offers linger notes that differ from person to person.

One of our all-time favorite perfumes, Dior inspired us to make our 473 for Him Inspired by Dior's Sauvage($32). Now available for just $32, you can enjoy the same top quality juices as the iconic blend without the expense.

5/6 Chanel’s Bleu De Chanel($80) 

A refreshing perfume, Bleu De Chanel is a surprising blend that lightly lingers all day. “Much like the iconic clothes Coco Chanel began designing almost a century ago, Chanel men’s fragrances are sophisticated and timeless. What’s unique about this fragrance is that it combines aromatic-woody scents with the invigorating freshness of citrus. That makes it suitable for wearing in winter or summer months.” Like the warmth of the sun on your skin, you will enjoy how this perfume makes you smile long after applying it.
Reminding us of days spent charging new territory, Chanel has captured the master perfumers at Pure Royal Perfumes and inspired us to make our 327 for Him Inspired by Chanel's Bleu De Chanel($39), a combination of mint, ginger, and lemon zest uplifted by a woody and spicy final touch.
6/6 Tom Ford’s Tobacco Vanilla($250)


“Oriental and spicy, this cologne will last all day. Tobacco blossom, tonka bean, cacao and vanilla create a combination that smells sensual without being over the top. Definitely masculine and attention-grabbing — good for evening or winter wear.” We think of this perfume like the staying power of a freshly smoked cigar. It lingers with sophistication and intensity — slightly sweet yet intriguing like “the most interesting man in the world”. 

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