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Luxury & ECO Friendly Scents For Your Home

Soy Candle Relaxing Evening - Pure Royal ECO

Soy Candle Relaxing Evening - Pure Royal ECO

Обычная цена $75.00 USD
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PURE ROYAL ECO candles have been created with an Eco-Friendly philosophy in mind. Not only do they not harm the environment, but they also help you by releasing the beneficial properties of essential oils. Pure Royal Eco Soy Candle - simultaneously it fills the room with a beautiful scent, has a positive influence on your mood, and improves the well-being of your body.

▪ contains natural essential oils

▪ has a pro-health effect

▪ handmade

▪ based on plant wax

▪ with a cotton wick

▪ available in a wide range of scents


◾essential oils: orange, clove, cinnamon

◾fragrance: sweet and spicy

◾aromatherapy benefits: relaxes


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